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It’s not a website to cartoonize your face but more like exaggerate fetures of a face. Here you can create funny pictures of yourself (and your friends or enemies) by uploading fresh pictures to apply many effects to. Portrait Illustration Maker. Portrait Illustration make is a free cartoon avatar generator. Just hit the "Randomizer" button and the site will automatically generate avatars randomly. You can save the Avatar image by right-clicking them and using the Save Image As option from the context menu. South Park Avatar. For South Park fans, now you can become one of them. The "Create Avatar" section lets you choose avatars from the Avatar gallery, Randomizer and you can also create your own avatars with full modification there. Pixton’s Picks. This website allows you to create a hilarious comic cartoon with text. You can use it to tell some funny situation from your life, or create a funny story yourself. Face Your Manga. Create your own avatar with different customization options. Choose hair color, eyes, clothes, hats, items and even more to personalize your character. The site has a modern design and easy navigation. Instructables: Turn Yourself Into a Cartoon. The site has detailed instructions how to create a drawing or cartoon of yourself in Photoshop or Illustrator. Note: you need to have either Photoshop, either Illustrator to follow the instructions, and perhaps some drawing skills. Custom Anime. Custom Anime allows you to cartoonize not only your face, but a whole body too. Use lots of clothes, hairstyles and items to customize the character to your liking.